Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Air India fliers land minus baggage

Several passengers on the Air-India (AI) flight to London from Dhaka, via the city, reached a bitterly cold Heathrow last week, with only their hand bags. The rest of the luggage went missing, allegedly due to a gaffe by the airline.
The passengers also complained that there were no AI staff at the London airport to assist them.
“The AI151 flight after landing around 8.30 pm local time, we heard an announcement stating that some of the luggage had not arrived,” said Moushumi Bhowmik, a singer who went to London for research on folk music.
“When we got to the conveyor belt, we realised most of our bags had gone missing,” added Sukanta Majumdar, a sound recordist from the city who was on his way to Berlin for taking part in a talent hunt contest.
Bhowmik recounted: “It was very cold and we only had our hand baggage.” She was forced to buy clothes and other items in London.
She received her bags three days later. Majumdar is yet to get his bags back.
14/02/07 The Telegraph