Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Air passengers left in lurch

New Delhi: It was an Air Sahara flight from Ahmedabad that took longer than usual to reach Kolkata. With many passengers forced to deplane at Delhi to change aircraft for "engineering reasons", this experience has left them far from happy.
Airline officials, however, claimed that it was a hopping flight. The aircraft was changed because it needed servicing.
"We usually don't ask passengers to deplane, but the aircraft from Ahmedabad was needed by the engineering department," said an Air Sahara spokesperson.
While the stopover at Delhi may not have been a problem for some, the delay of the new aircraft certainly was.
According to statement by Air Sahara duty officer Ashish Grover, the flight from Ahmedabad was delayed to Delhi due to "traffic congestion" and the incoming flight from Pune was delayed for the same reasons.
14/02/07 The Hindu