Saturday, April 02, 2016

VVIP Syndrome – well and truly alive at Nagpur Airport

Any Nagpurian who has traveled by air recently from Nagpur, or gone to receive or see off someone will vouch for how inconvenient and cumbersome it is to be diverted to the parking lot and carry your luggage from there to the Departures lounge. Or have a guest carry their stuff, including little babies, old parents from the Arrivals to the parking. There are no trolleys to be found nearby and when there are multiple flights arriving or departing, always a traffic jam in the completely ill planned parking lot. Cars can’t pass, drivers are honking, there are people everywhere, luggage strewn around and some curious stray dogs watching the whole ‘tamasha’.

Then you somehow manage to make your way to the Departures and you see n number of cars that are driving right till the entry gate and many more just parked on the road where there was once thoroughfare allowed. But, if you are an average, ordinary citizen you are not allowed to drive here at all any more, though you could earlier.
02/04/16 Sunita Mudliyaar/Nagpur Today
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