Monday, November 28, 2016

A month on, Air India yet to locate passenger’s missing baggage

A month after he lost his luggage on a flight from Mumbai to Muscat, Abdul Aziz Barudgar, Air India is still clueless about where the bag got misplaced.

Mr Barudgar, a frequent flier on the national carrier, was on October 29 dismayed to find that one of his five bags was missing after he reached his destination Muscat on AI 985.

He promptly enquired with the airline baggage counter, but learnt that his bag — which had some luxury items — had not even been loaded in the aircraft.

Mr Barudgar then approached the airline baggage counter on the international T2 in Mumbai once he had flown back, but was in for a shock as even the city officials had no idea about the location of his bag “I was sure I would get my bag in Mumbai as I was assured by the officer in-charge in Muscat airport regarding the same. However, after spending almost an hour at the counter, I learnt that my baggage was misplaced and the airline was clueless about its existence.”

The passenger, who has sworn never to travel with Air India again, said that the misplaced bag had branded and costly things in it and moreover also had his medical kit. “Luckily, I had access to the list of my medicines and hence I could buy them immediately after leaving the Muscat airport.”
28/11/16 Neha L.M.Tripathi/The Asian Age