Sunday, February 05, 2017

Man arrested ​​at Mumbai International Airport​ ​​for smuggling gold ​

The customs Air Intelligence Unit​ ​(AIU) on Friday night ​seized ​a ​hollow cylindrical gold piece weighing 1048 grams valued at Rs 27,81,308 from a passenger who arrived in Mumbai International Airport from Delhi. The passenger earlier had arrived in Delhi from Dubai and boarded the Mumbai flight.

According to​ ​officials, ​the passenger has been identified as Rashid Shaikh​ ​(35) ​and was intercepted by ​the ​AIU team on arrival over his suspicious behavior and considering his past record of smuggling​.​ ​Upon searching​,​ the AIU staff recovered the gold from the inner part of the motor of an electrical ​juicer that he was carrying in his baggage.
05/02/17 DNA