Wednesday, June 07, 2017

2 ‘Gujaratis’ flying on fake passports speak Punjabi, held

Mumbai: Sahar police arrested two men from Punjab on Tuesday for allegedly attempting to fly out to Bangkok from the city airport with Gujarati names on their fake passports. The duo—Aman Singh (32) and Magar Singh alias Amar Singh (36)—was caught when immigration officials at Mumbai airport got suspicious on hearing them speak in Punjabi. The officials asked the two to step aside and speak in Gujarati. They couldn't.
During the preliminary probe, the police learned that the duo had planned to start a business on reaching Bangkok. Once settled in it, they hoped to migrate to the UK from Bangkok, as they were told it was easier to get a visa for the country from Thailand than India. Police suspect the agent who helped the duo get fake passports is part of a larger racket.
07/06/17 Times of India