Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Nigerian held at IGI with 'fake dollars'

New Delhi: A Nigerian national was arrested from Indira Gandhi International airport after bundles of 'suspicious' dollar-sized papers and a bottle of a chemical was detected during the security check. Police say the paper and chemical were being used to cheat gullible victims who were made to believe the chemical could be used to turn the paper notes into dollars. The accused also had a forged passport.
The incident came to light on June 2 when a Nigerian national, identified as Gabriel Blessing Efe, was intercepted by CISF officials. On suspicion, the passenger was brought to the police station at the IGI airport where the bundles were checked and upon passport verification, he admitted that the passport he was carrying was fake.
Police said that the Nigerian national had a friend in Kolkata who had asked him to bring dollar-sized bundles of paper which could be chemically washed to reveal 'dollars'. Each bundle had 100 notes in them to resemble a currency stack.
07/06/17 Times of India