Friday, June 23, 2017

Airport bursting at the seams

While the flight operations from Surat airport have increased in the last couple of months and more flight connections to be added to Kolkata and Patna starting from July 1, the terminal building will soon run out of the capacity to handle the passenger traffic.

At present, the terminal building is having peak hour passenger handling capacity of merely 250 passenger —125 arrivals and 125 departures — against the required capacity of 1,761 passengers per day. After the proposed Surat, Kolkata and Patna flight operations announced by SpiceJet starting from July 1 and the Surat to Dubai direct international flight by Air India Express in the next couple of months, the total passengers will increase at 2,401 passengers per day.

As per the rough estimate, the present capacity to handle passengers at the terminal building is 2 lakh per annum. At present, there are around 6.42 lakh passengers travelling to and from the Surat airport per annum in seven flights operated by SpiceJet and Air India, private operator Ventura Airconnect and Non-Schedule Operator Permit (NSOP). After the Surat-Kolkata and Patna and Surat-Dubai operations from July 1 onwards, the total passengers are projected to increase at 8.76 lakh per annum.
Also, there are only six check-in counters and three airlines using it and few more airlines interested to start! However, at least 20-25 check-in counters are needed to cater to the increasing passenger rush on the airport.
23/06/17 The Times Of India