Friday, June 23, 2017

NoRKs sweat on high airfares

Upsetting the Ramzan travel plans of Non-Resident Keralites (NoRKs), airlines have hiked the fares five to six times from destinations in West Asia to the three airports in the State.

The increase in fares by airlines based in West Asia and India, including Air India and its low-cost arm Air India Express, is to cash in on the demand among NoRKs for seats during the festival season and closure of educational institutions for summer vacation in the Gulf.

The fare hike has hit workers who depend on the budget carriers for their travel back home. Many NoRKs are finding it difficult to fly down to Kerala with their family in view of the hike in fares.

Seats, especially in the sought-after economy class, are not available in the majority of the airlines during the weekend.

Those who want to be with their kin for Ramzan back home will have to get seats at an exorbitant rate.
22/06/17 S.Anil Radhakrishnan/The Hindu