Thursday, June 15, 2017

CISF man finds bag with Rs 2.5 lakh at airport, returns it

Mumbai: Mumbai is not exactly known as a city where one can leave behind a cash-stuffed bag on a sidewalk and expect to see it again. A father-son duo from Odisha, first-timers in Mumbai, were therefore surprised to receive a call from a CISF officer asking them to return to the domestic terminal to collect their black leather duffle bag containing Rs 2.5 lakh that they had left behind on Wednesday morning. That's when they realized that their bag was missing in the first place and they quickly drove back to the airport in a daze over the lucky turn of events.
"We were blissfully unaware that we had left behind our bag with Rs 2.5 lakh in it," said Shambhu Tulsiyan, the father. A diabetic, he was on a two-day trip to Mumbai with his son Sonu to consult an endocrinologist. When they left their home in Sambalpur—the largest town in Odisha—they had imagined Mumbai to be an unforgiving city that demands one to keep a vigilant eye on one's belongings.
Around 9am, Raipur-Mumbai IndiGo passengers Tulsiyan and son Sonu had left behind their bag on a sidewalk, around 40 metres from the domestic terminal 1B arrival entrance gate, in the car pick-up zone— which isn't covered by the airport's CCTV cameras. "It could have been picked up by a bystander or anyone and we wouldn't have been able to trace it. Even our officer who found it could have kept it for himself," said S K Mohanka, senior commandant, CISF.
Rajendra Kumar, the CISF sub-inspector who found the bag, said he was informed by a ground-handling staff about an unattended bag in the car park. "I followed the standard practice and informed the team who called in the BDDS,'' he said matter-of-factly. When the bag was deemed as safe, the CISF personnel opened it only to find some clothes, medical record files, an airline ticket and heavy wads of cash. The documents had a mobile phone number listed on them and the bag was immediately reunited with its owner.
15/06/17 Times of India