Thursday, June 15, 2017

Government plans ‘risk’ profiling of air passengers soon

New Delhi: The government may soon start conducting risk assessment of passengers who choose the “seamless aviation electronic-digital experience” on both, domestic and international flights.

With separate, dedicated corridors for the digital experience — likely to entail fast-track entry into the airport, digital check-in, perhaps along with luggage — passengers’ time at airports is expected to be cut by half, even as their travel track-record flashes on the screens of security officials.

“In case this goes ahead, it will be like a credit card rating done by agencies. Timely payment for a credit card bill results in a good rating, which is lowered in case the person defaults,” said a source, indicating that unruly behaviour by passengers or detection of any attempt to conceal goods that should be declared will reflect in the passenger’s record available with security agencies.

Within the next four months, the government is planning to make it mandatory for all passengers booking air tickets to provide either their Aadhaar, passport or PAN card number, which will be linked with the PNR number in the booking.

Thereafter, passengers who want to check-in and collect boarding passes manually at counters can do so. But passengers who opt for the digital experience will have to either wave their hand over a scanner for finger-print registry or enter the unique identity number from any one of his documents. At that moment, their identity will flash on the screens of security agencies, making it easy to track passengers’ travel records and any past misdemeanours.

The government is also working out regulations for a “no-fly list” that will comprise passengers facing penal action for unruly behaviour and the risk assessment is expected to aid this move.
15/06/17 Sridhar Kumaraswami/Asian Age