Sunday, June 04, 2017

Virtual fencing may soon be a reality at IGI Airport

New Delhi: In a bid to strengthen the security of Delhi airport, the concerned agencies of Delhi airport are planning to install virtual fence at IGI (Indira Gandhi International) Airport. According to sources, discussion is going on in this regard with various agencies to adopt this technique from the Israeli firm which has the expertise to provide the sensor-based technique. This technique will detect unwanted miscreants trying to break through the four walls. At present, IGI Airport is equipped with the Perimeter Intruder Detections System (PIDS), which is not 100 per cent reliable.  

The virtual fence system would employ technology that produces invisible laser rays, which if touched or trespassed, would set off an alarm. This device will be controlled from the Airport Operation Control Centre. If installed, it will provide a second layer of security to the airport’s perimeter.

“Meetings and discussions are going on to acquire this system for IGI Airport. In spite of this, questions have been raised in the security-reviewing meeting about the efforts being made to break through the inaccessible security of the airport. Therefore, the Israeli technique will be its solution. This system will work along with the existing PIDS system,” said sources.
04/06/17 Sunil Thapliyal/Asian Age