Friday, September 15, 2017

Anxiety grips flyers as glitch forces GoAir flight back to Pune

Pune: The 141 passengers on board a Pune-Bengaluru GoAir flight faced anxious moments mid-air in the wee hours of Friday after the pilot suddenly announced that the aircraft had experienced a technical glitch and would return to the Pune airport.
The flight (G8-293) was scheduled to depart from Pune at 1.25am but took off around 40 minutes later. It returned to the Pune airport at 3am.
Journalist Pranabananda Das, who was among the passengers, said, "We faced some uneasy and anxious moments.After 20 minutes of flying, the pilot announced that there was a technical problem and that the flight would have to return to Pune. This caused some commotion. The flight was already facing a lot of turbulence since it took off. There were several women and children on the aircraft." Das said the landing at Pune airport was not a smooth one. " After landing, the aircraft was taken to the bay area where a team of engineers got in and checked it for around 30 minutes. The passengers were in the aircraft during this time.Finally , at around 3.30am, the airline officials announced that the flight would not be going to Bengaluru and that we had to deboard." Das said it was raining heavily then and most passengers got drenched walking the 100 metres or so to the terminal building. " At the airport, the airline officials were giving different versions of the incident, adding to the passengers' frustration," he said.
15/09/17 Joy Sengupta/Times of India