Thursday, September 14, 2017

Authorities suspect owl hit the Air India flight landing at Pune airport

Pune: The Pune airport authorities suspect that an owl may have hit the Air India flight from Delhi to Pune in the late evening hours of Saturday , which had ultimately led to the cancellation of its return flight.
The Air India flight (AI853) carrying 120 passengers landed at the Pune airport at 8:45pm on Saturday after being hit by a bird. Consequently , its return journey had to be cancelled.
The incident occurred when the flight was landing at the Pune airport. "The damages are serious by nature. The engine has been hit badly and it needs proper repair. As far as other technicalities are concerned, the other departments of the airline will handle it," an airline official told TOIon Wednesday .
Sources in the airline said their engineering wing was looking into the matter. " As per the rules, the pilot of the aircraft will have to file a report about the entire incident to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)," an official at the Pune airport said, adding that the bird-hit cases during the late evening hours at the airport were rare.
14/09/17 Times of India