Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mont Blanc 1966 crash: Air India flyers’ remains may stay unidentified

New Delhi:  The body parts found over a month back on Mont Blanc in the French Alps and believed to be belonging to the passengers of an Air India plane which crashed here in 1966 or a previous AI crash at the same place in 1950 could remain unidentified.
France has told AI that the human remains are so old that conducting a forensic exam may not be possible. The country will hold a memorial service next month in wake of the July-end findings of the decades'-old crashes.
"The French justice department has told (us) that forensic examination of the human remains found recently on Mont Blanc (believed to be from an AI crash in 1966) may not be possible as they are very old. The Mayor of Saint-Gervais will organise a remembrance/meditating ceremony in presence of embassy of India and AI officials at the memorial dedicated to victims of the crash. AI has been requested to attend this ceremony," AI spokesman G P Rao said.
The airline will attend this sombre memorial as it had swung into action as soon as it had got news of the human remains being found on Mont Blanc. While in the past also, some aircraft parts have been found, this was possibly the first significant finding of human remains — a hand and the upper part of a leg.
14/09/17 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India