Saturday, September 16, 2017

Government seeks to set ground rules for Gyroplanes

New Delhi: : It’s a bird… It’s a chopper…. It’s a plane... It’s a gyroplane.
Plane spotters in India may soon have something to look up to. Literally so, with the government coming out with a draft policy to regulate the operations of gyroplanes, or aircraft that combine the features of an aeroplane and a helicopter and are popular among the rich and famous in Europe and the United States. In India, though, gyroplanes are set to debut as a mode of personal transport rather than an air taxi. Gyrox Aviation, the Gurgaon based company which plans to assemble gyroplanes in India from original equipment sourced from Poland’s Celier Aviation, is also eyeing paramilitary forces, state police forces and local government officials for selling the nearly Rs 1.77 crore machines for surveillance along the border and other areas in the country.

“Corporates and high-end individuals can use a gyroplane as it can travel up to 600 km on a single tankful of petrol,” Gyrox Aviation founder Colonel (retd) RP Suhag told ET.

Seven conditions have been spelt out by the government in its draft policy on gyroplanes released on Friday after years of consultations between the ministries of home and civil aviation.
16/09/17 Aman Sharma/Economic Times