Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Indian couple with counterfeit passports caught at airport

Taipei: Customs officials at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport stopped an Indian couple from entering the country on counterfeit passports late Tuesday.

The Border Affairs Corps released a statement Wednesday reporting that the couple were found in possession of fake Singapore passports and Canadian electronic travel authorization (eTA) documents.

Customs officials found the two loitering after they deplaned and approached them to ask if they required assistance.

The couple at first reportedly claimed to be newlyweds coming to Taiwan for their honeymoon, so the customs officials guided them to where they could go through the proper arrival procedures.

Upon inspection of their documents, however, the officials found that their Singapore passports were fake, at which point the couple presented their real Indian passports.

The man disclosed that his wife wanted to move to Canada to start a new life after they got married, but the application for a Canadian visa in India is time-consuming and has a low chance of approval, according to the Border Affairs Corps.

The couple therefore bought two Singapore passports, identification cards, driver's license, and eTAs from a smuggler they were introduced to through a friend for the equivalent of NT$1.2 million (US$39,865).
20/09/17 Focus