Monday, September 11, 2017

Over 80% occupancy on Ludhiana-Delhi flight

Ludhiana: The new Ludhiana-Delhi 70-seater flight has been getting good response from city residents, a week after it began on September 2, witnessing more than 80% occupancy. The business community is of the opinion that the response would have been still better if timings were more business-friendly.
As per figures available with 'Ludhiana Times of India', flight occupancy has improved since the service began on September 2. Data suggests whereas the occupancy of the outgoing flight has increased from around 68% on September 2 to more than 93% on September 9, the occupancy of the incoming flight has also increased from around 59% on September 2 to 80% on September 9.
The flight is on four days a week — Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. From Delhi, the flight takes off at 3pm and reaches Ludhiana at 4.15pm, whereas the flight from Ludhiana flies out at 4.45pm and reaches Delhi at 5.55pm.
11/09/17 Times of India