Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pay Rs 1,000 To Prepone Your Domestic Flight With IndiGo's 'Earliest Flight Out' Service

Giving a useful solution for passengers arriving early to the airport for their domestic flights, IndiGo airlines has launched a new 'Earliest Flight Out' service by which passengers can book an earlier flight by simply paying Rs 1,000.

"The next time you land early at an Airport, opt for IndiGo Early and get a seat on the earliest flight out just for Rs. 1,000," IndiGo said.

Known as 'IndiGo Early' passengers arriving at the airport up to 4 hours before their flight can book an earlier flight to the destination by paying an additional Rs 1,000. The 'IndiGo Early' scheme is available to "all passengers travelling on a domestic flight, wanting to prepone their flight (within 4 hours)" the airline said.

Detailing the offer, IndiGo said that the duration between the booked flight and the desired flight should be a maximum of 4 hours, and is available for domestic flights only.

"The basis to calculate the difference of 4 hours, has to be between the departure time of the original flight and the desired flight and not on the basis of the passenger reporting time," IndiGo said in a statement.

"Passenger must be physically present at the airport as the change can be done only at the airport," IndiGo added.

"Changes can be done only for preponing the flight and not for postponing the flight," IndiGo noted.
12/09/17 Divyia Asthana/News World India