Tuesday, October 10, 2017

29 passengers caught with gold stuffed up their bums at Madurai Airport

The Department of Revenue Intelligence busted a gold smuggling ring in which 29 passengers who arrived at Madurai International airport on various flights were found to have concealed several grams of the precious metal in their rectums.

In total, 10.937 kilograms of gold worth nearly Rs 3 crore (Rs 2,97,93,859 to be precise) was recovered from 46 passengers who arrived from Colombo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok and Dubai. Not all of it was concealed in the courier’s rectums, some were found in hand baggage and checked-in luggage.

Acting on a tip-off from the Chennai zonal unit, DRI officials from Chennai and Thoothukudi launched a crackdown and first intercepted 91 passengers arriving in Madurai from Sri Lanka on Spicejet and Air Lanka flights on October 8. On examining them, the officials learned of the modus operandi that the gold couriers were employing.

It was discovered that smugglers were using frequent flyers to conceal gold ranging from 30 to 600 grams in their rectums or cleverly hidden in their hand baggage or check-in baggage. The passengers would then use the green channel at the airport to walk out of the airport without declaring anything at customs.

The DRI deployed a special team of officers to keep an eye on suspects of various smuggling gangs, said a statement released by the department.  Based on the information collected, the officials examined several passengers of which 29 were found to have been carrying gold in their rectums, another eight passengers were found concealing the precious metal in their stroller bags and the remaining nine passengers abandoned the gold on seeing the DRI officials.
09/10/17 New Indian Express