Saturday, October 14, 2017

Low visibility delays morning flights, leaves flyers hassled

Pune: Low visibility and bad weather conditions in the city on Thursday morning delayed the take-off of some flights, triggering hassles for passengers.
A SpiceJet flight (SG 937) to Delhi was delayed by over four hours. Two more flights — GoAir's Pune-Nagpur flight (G8-283) and Jet Airways' flight to Delhi (9W-0371) — were delayed for over two hours.
The passengers boarding a SpiceJet's Delhi flight (SG-937) were allegedly made to sit in the aircraft for close to an hour before being asked to disembark and wait in the terminal. The flight supposed to take off for Delhi at 7.40am finally flew at 11.54am.
Ritika Handoo, a passenger, tweeted to SpiceJet, "Passengers sit clueless inside the plane for more than an hour. Such inconvenience when even your seats have min (sic) leg space."
SpiceJet officials refuted the claim that passengers had to sit in the aircraft for long. "SpiceJet's Chennai-Pune flight had to be diverted to Mumbai due to bad weather in Pune, resulting in the Pune-Delhi flight getting delayed. After boarding, the Pune-Delhi flight was again held by an additional 15 minutes due to the bad weather," a SpiceJet spokesperson told TOI.
The GoAir's Nagpur flight (G8-283) was delayed by two hours and 25 minutes. "The flight supposed depart at 7.40am took off around 10:05am. My whole family, including my wife and child, were stuck in the airport. The airline was not responding and I finally tweeted about getting some food for my child," Deepak Birole, a passenger said.
13/10/17 Joy Sengupta/Times of India