Saturday, October 14, 2017

Airport officials to usher in single security check point

Pune:  The authorities at the Lohegaon airport are set to streamline the check-in process in the facility.
Soon, passengers will have to go through a common security screening area, as opposed to the presently separate check points for the two gates inside the terminal. According to officials, this was made possible through the expansion-in-progress of the terminal building.
The airport in Delhi has a similar arrangement wherein passengers, regardless of the gate through which they enter, are made to go through a common screening area. Officials say this arrangement has not added to the congestion inside the airport, as there were adequate number of X-Ray baggage scanning machines.
"The (Lohegaon) airport's terminal building comprises two departure gates — Gates 1 and 2," an airport official said, "and passengers travelling on certain flights have to enter the airport through Gate 1, and those flying with other airlines must enter through the second gate. Rather than having separate security check areas for passengers different flights, the idea is to have one common security hold area for passengers of all flights. We believe that the passengers will be at more ease once this is done."
14/10/17 Joy Sengupta/Times of India