Friday, October 13, 2017

Rs 22 lakh foreign currency seized at Chennai international airport

Chennai:  Officials of Chennai Customs detected eight cases of foreign currency smuggling at Chennai international airport on Friday morning and seized notes worth Rs 22 lakh.
All the eight passengers were bound for Colombo by Sri Lankan airlines UL 126. The passengers have been identified as Mohammed Asarudeen, Sagubhar Sathik, Umar Farook Ali, Navas Khan, Irshath Ahamed, Jahir Hussain, Meera Hussain and Abdul Rahman.
The currency was in the form of 8,000 Euros, 52,500 Saudi Riyals, 2,500 US dollars, 8,500 Dirhams, 235 Kuwaiti Dinars, 4,000 Swiss Francs, 620 Canadian dollars, 40 pounds and 250 Oman Riyals. The currency was found concealed in the rectum of the passengers.
The currency is used to buy gold in countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai which is smuggled back into India, said senior officials.
Usually the currency is shaped into a roll and placed inside the rectum just before boarding the flight, sources said. After the passengers board the flight, they remove it so that there is no discomfort during the journey.
Just before the flight is about to land, the currency notes are again concealed inside the rectum, to escape the eyes of enforcement agencies like Customs and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), said official sources. Women are generally preferred for these kind of operations as they go un-detected on most occasions.
13/10/17 Times of India