Monday, November 27, 2017

A series of unfortunate events: How IndiGo's reputation has run into rough weather

It's been smooth sailing for IndiGo in recent times as far as financials go, but the airline's reputation has run into rough weather over the past month following a series of unsavoury incidents.

Here's a roundup of IndiGo's recent controversies, starting with the most recent:

Ramachandra Guha took to Twitter, says IndiGo staffers are rude

Historian Ramachandra Guha tweeted to IndiGo over the weekend, saying 'rudeness has become a habit' with the airline. In his tweet, he said that he does not usually take to Twitter 'as a means of consumer redressal' but couldn't help but do so as he claims that the staffers misbehaved thrice in the same week.

Staffer manhandles passenger

Two IndiGo staffers were sacked for manhandling an IndiGo flyer, Rajeev Katiyal.  The flyer was stopped from entering the airline's bus by two staffers on October 15. One of the staffers took a video of the incident which went viral on social media. The aviation authorities and the airline apologised on behalf of the staffers.

IndiGo staffer misbehaves with a woman passenger

A lawyer alleged that IndiGo staffers at Guwahati airport forcibly snatched her phone to delete pictures she had taken. According to PTI, the pictures were of her luggage being screened before the check-in procedure. The staffer asked her to delete the pictures and in spite of her telling that she had done so, he snatched her phone and deleted the pictures from her 'recently deleted' folder. The airline has apologised on behalf of their staffers and suspended them for their misbehaviour.

IndiGo denies payment in rupees, faces police complaint

IndiGo allegedly refused to accept Indian currency for payment of food items, among others, for flights to foreign destinations. An IndiGo flyer, Pramod Kumar Jain,  travelling from Bengaluru to Dubai  - could not pay for his food as the flight crew did not accept INR. The flyer, after his trip, filed a police complaint against IndiGo for 'dishonouring' the Indian currency. In his complaint, he said another passenger faced the same 'mistreatment' by the airline.

'Laptop burn' on flight

A Bengaluru-bound IndiGo flight on November 11 witnessed a 'laptop burn' in the cabin. The crew smelt something burn, and immediately took action after they realised it was coming from a flyer's cabin baggage. After spotting the bag, they noticed that a laptop had almost caught fire. The crew immediately put the laptop in a container full of water. The plane landed safely and no passenger was hurt.
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