Monday, November 27, 2017

What’s going on IndiGo? Now, a prominent historian accuses you of misbehavior

Delhi: Noted historian Ramachandra Guha has accused staffers of IndiGo Airline company IndiGo of being rude to him without any provocation from his side.

Guha took to social media Twitter to reveal the shocking behavior of Indigo staffers.

“Three times this time, I have been subject to unprovoked rudeness by an IndiGo6E staffer. Different people, different airports, same airline. Absolutely shocking”, said Ramchandra Guha.

Guha said that since he became victim of rudeness by Indigo staffers three times in a week, he was forced to highlight the incidents on social media.

“I don’t normally use twitter as a means of consumer redressal, but since the same airline misbehaved thrice in a single week I had to. Friends and family also confirm that rudeness has become a habit with Indigo”, Guha added..
This is not the first time IndiGo staffers’ behavior with passengers is in question.

Earlier on November 4, India’s star badminton player and Olympic silver medalist PV Sindhu had accused an IndiGo Airlines ground staff of misbehaving with her at Hyderabad Airport.

Sindhu in a tweet said that the unfortunate incident happened while she was traveling to Mumbai.

On the micro-blogging site Twitter she had posted, “Ground staff (skipper) Mr Ajeetesh behaved very badly and rudely with me. When the air hostess Ms Ashima tried to advise him to behave properly with the passenger (me), but to my surprise he behaved very rudely with her. If these type of people work for a reputed airline like Indigo they will spoil their reputation.”

After Sidhu’s incident, a video went viral on social media and TV channels in which at least two IndiGo staffers manhandled a passenger at New Delhi airport on November 7.

The government launched a probe into the incident.

Later, while taking the responsibility for the shocking incident, the airlines terminated two of its staff members and apologized for their behavior.
27/11/17 India Samvad