Sunday, November 19, 2017

Aeromodellers start online petition against rules on drones

New Delhi: Aeromodelling enthusiasts have initiated an online signature campaign against the government’s proposed rules on drones claiming it threatens to destroy recreational flying.
Earlier this month, the aviation regulatory body DGCA has released its draft rules making it mandatory for “unmanned aircraft system” to seek a unique identification number (UIN) as well as an operator permit.
Model aircraft weighing up to 2kg, and those operated by government security agencies are exempted from this requirement.
In a petition on online platform, aeromodellers say that these rules will “render their hobby and sport impossible and unsustainable”.
In a separate petition to the DGCA, submitted as part of the consultation procedure before the rules are finalised, they have submitted that a separate category must be carved out for “model aeroplanes” as these don’t pose any security concerns.
Aeromodellers explain that as model aeroplanes are flown in the line of sight unlike drones, which can be pre-programmed and can be remotely controlled, they should not be considered a security threat.
Hobbyists have also demanded that the weight limit of model planes exempt from registering for a UIN and a permit should be increased up to 25 kg from 2kg.
19/11/17 PTI/Indian Express