Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Bombay Flying Club organises aeronautical project seminar in Mumbai

The Bombay Flying Club - the oldest flying club and school in India had organized the aeronautical project seminar at Juhu on Saturday.

Bombay Flying Club President Mihir Bhagvati said, "The idea is to get innovation in technology and come out with new ideas for better standards and safety in Aviation."
Air Vice Marshall (retired) Sunil Nanodkar who is an alumnus of BFC was the chief guest, while Keshava Sharma, the regional executive director of Airport Authority of India was the guest of honour. There were a total of 13 innovative ideas by students of Bombay Flying Club and Thakur College of Aviation.

The students of Bombay Flying Club who floated the concept of circular runways bagged the first prize. This concept has been used since the 1930s by defence forces and can be used in airports of busy towns.
18/11/17 Yogesh Naik/Mumbai Mirror