Monday, November 06, 2017

Gold & drugs seized in major busts from flights to Chennai, outbound train

Chennai: Customs officers at Chennai International Airport arrested passengers on three flights from the Gulf to the city and seized a total of 1kg of gold worth close to Rs 30 lakh from them in 36 hours from Saturday morning through to Sunday.
The officers said the passengers, two from Dubai and one from Sharjah, had again -as is becoming increasingly commonplace with an increase in confiscations and arrests -attempted to use novel ways to hide the gold they attempted to bring into the country . In two cases, they concealed gold bars within the hollow base of decorative showpieces made of cast metal.
Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) officers on Sunday morning intercepted a passenger, Thinesh, who had arrived from Sharjah by an Air India flight (AI 968), suspecting that he may have concealed gold in his baggage.
Officers questioned the passenger and searched him and his baggage. They discovered that he was carrying a decorative metallic horseand-chariot piece with a rectangular, hollow metallic base filled with grease. The officers noticed that the base appeared to be unusually heavy and dismantled the piece.
06/11/17 Times of India