Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hovering in air? Wrong block time by airlines to blame too

New Delhi:  Frequent flyers in India have a pet peeve — approaching their destination, especially if it happens to be a busy metro like Delhi or Mumbai, in time and then being told by the pilot about "ATC delays" due to which their landing will be way beyond schedule.
The aviation ministry recently probed this issue and found that the alleged air traffic control (ATC) delays are mostly a diversion from the larger issue of airlines giving wrong "block time" — total time a flight takes from pushing back from departure gate to arriving at the destination gate.
Aviation secretary R N Choubey has now ordered a rationalisation of block times of flight to and from busy airport at peak hours to cut flight delays caused by this reason.
Explaining this widespread problem, Choubey said: "Supposing an airline has a departure slot from Mumbai at 2 pm and an arrival slot at Delhi at 4.30 pm. It takes off from Mumbai at 2 pm and the flying time to Delhi is about 2 hours. It approaches Delhi in that time.
16/11/17 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India