Tuesday, November 07, 2017

ICAO to audit Indian civil aviation sector

As per the Indian Express report, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) will begin its Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) of the Indian civil aviation sector starting Monday, which will last till November 16.

Under this audit, the ICAO will study various aspects of the sector such as ICAO conducts audit in areas related to accident investigation, operations, airworthiness, air navigation, aerodromes, organisational structures, legislation, licensing patterns, policies for implementing laid down procedures, among others. Representatives of ICAO, who are expected to arrive in India on Saturday, are also likely to review the functioning of operators including GoAir, Air India Charters, Kestrel Aviation, among others.

The audit of this magnitude, which was last conducted by ICAO in 2006, comes at a time when India has emerged as one of the fastest growing domestic aviation markets in the world, clocking double-digit growth for 37 straight months till end of September this year. According to industry sources, ICAO representatives are scheduled to visit select facilities in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and other cities.

When contacted, William Raillant-Clark, communications officer at the office of ICAO Secretary General said in an e-mail: “Please be advised that information on these audits is governed by an MoU which prescribes in detail what we can or cannot audit or publish for all of ICAO’s 191 member states. Furthermore, please note that ICAO never comments on local air transport matters, which are the purview of your suitable national agencies and officials.”
07/11/17 TravelBizMonitor