Thursday, December 28, 2017

Delhi Family Returns Model's Missing Bag With Valuables Amounting To Rs 4 Lakh

Five days ago, model Anupam Shukla arrived in the city from the national Capital with a bag full of jewellery, expensive perfumes, designer clothes, watches and valuables amounting to Rs 4 lakh. She reached the conveyor belt to pick up her bag, but found herself waiting long after the last person from her flight had left with their luggage. When she realised that her bag was missing, she immediately alerted the airport authorities. Three days later, she filed a missing report with the Sahar police. On Monday, Shukla finally received the call she had been waiting for as a family contacted the model to return her bag that they had mistaken as theirs.
Speaking to mid-day, Shukla said, "The airlines had, initially, assured me that I would get my bag back within 24 hours, but obviously, that did not happen. So, I approached the Sahar police and filed a missing bag report."Shukla said that the family had contacted her over the telephone. "They were a Delhi-based family, who were visiting Mumbai. They admitted that they had mistaken my black and golden bag as theirs. They have managed to trace their own bag, too. I checked the bag to find all my valuables intact."
A Sahar police officer said, "We had filed an FIR under section 379 of the IPC for theft after Shukla's bag went missing. We were investigating the case when this family contacted her. The family came to our police station to hand over the bag to Shukla."
28/12/17 Asif Rizvi/Mid Day