Thursday, December 28, 2017

Faster check-in, smoother ops to take off at airport

Kolkata: Inadequate baggage trolleys; queues at registered baggage X-ray counters; flight delays due to fog; confusion due to lack of proper signage; traffic snarl at the exit gate: these are factors that irk passengers, who travel from Kolkata airport. In the months ahead all of them will be addressed, say airport authorities, promising a more joyous experience for passengers and a better environment for everyone in 2018. Baggage trolley is the only issue the airport operator is still unsure about how to tackle the problem.
Speaking to TOI, Kolkata airport director Atul Dikshit said each issue had been analysed and deadlines to resolve them had been set. "I expect the issues will be taken care of by mid-2018. It will enhance passenger satisfaction," he said.
Dikshit and other senior officials are hoping tenders for both purchase of new trolleys and appointment of a new trolley management firm are completed by March so that trolley trouble is over by June. But with the service still dependant on the heavily unionised contractual staff, officials are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping their work culture will improve.
The first project that will be completed in 2018 is the advanced instrument landing system, which will enable flights to operate even in low visibility. While aircrafts can currently land only when minimum visibility is 350 metre, commissioning of CAT III-B ILS on January 4 will enable pilots to touch down even when visibility dips to 50 metre.
A new registered in-line baggage X-ray system is expected to be commissioned in the domestic wing by June. This will do away with the need to first get checked-in luggage Xrayed before they are dropped at the check-in desk. Fliers will simply have to drop the bags at the check-in desk and the X-ray scan will automatically happen as it moves along the conveyor belt, reducing passenger hassle by 3-10 minutes.
28/12/17 Subhro Niyogi/Times of India