Friday, December 15, 2017

Drones are the next big thing, regulations in next 30-60 days: Jayant Sinha

Regulations to standardize the drone industry will be out within the next 30-60 days said Minister of State, Civil Aviation, Jayant Sinha on Friday. With draft regulations - released last month - inviting over 100 suggestions from industry stakeholders, it is now in the process of being retuned before the final regulations are released, said Sinha.

Speaking on the sidelines of TiE's annual conclave - TiEcon - in Delhi, Sinha outlined his vision for 'digital skies' of the future.

"Drones are the next big thing," he said, addressing an audience dotted with drone enthusiasts and aviation hobbyists. "The regulations are dynamic and will continue to be refined depending on what will spur the industry going forward," he added.

"Based on the feedback that we got, a lot of people feel the draft is overly restricted from a security point of view," said Sinha. "But this should be seen as a wonderful opportunity and competitive advantage to design systems that can make drones safe and secure," he added.

According to him, drone industry forms the centrepiece of two other innovations that hold great potential in the country - which are fintech and electric vehicles.
15/12/17 Anu Thomas/Economic Times