Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Jet Airways flight rescheduled at last minute due to technical snag

Mangaluru: A Jet Airways flight scheduled for Mumbai from Mangaluru International Airport on Dec 26 at 11.15 am was rescheduled due to a technical snag. After pushback the snag was detected.

The pilot of the flight noticed that the there was a minor problem with the starting kit in the left engine of the flight after the pushback. The pilot initially asked for 10 minutes for him to get over the issue but later reported that a spare part was required for the flight which would take 4-6 hours to be delivered. The spare part was flown in from Bengaluru.

The flight was then rescheduled for 6.05 pm in the evening. All the 150 passengers of the flight were made to wait at the airport till evening.

Later the airport director VV Rao, said it was the responsibility of the operating flight company to arrange the alternative arrangements for its passengers.
27/12/17 I.Zaorez Shabab/Bhatkallys