Wednesday, December 27, 2017

SpiceJet flight to Hyderabad takes off four hours late

Pune: Flyers bound for Hyderabad faced an unexpected wait at Pune airport as their flight was delayed by more than four hours.
The SpiceJet flight (SG1216) was supposed to take off from Pune at 12.40pm. Instead, the time of departure kept getting pushed, and the flight finally took to the skies around 5pm.
Many disgruntled passengers have blamed the airline for informing them of the delay only at the last minute. "I got the first message about the delay only at 11am," said one passenger, "It said that the flight had been re-scheduled for 1.40pm. Then, around 1pm, I got another text saying that the flight was delayed further to 3.45pm."
The passenger alleged that the staffers got abrasive when questioned about the delay. "I fail to understand why the ground staff at most airports don't have proper and concrete answers. It does nothing but add to the anger and frustration," the passenger added.
Sheh Dixit, another passenger, tweeted to SpiceJet: "When you charge exorbitant prices for holiday season tickets, the least you can do is ensure your flights are on time or at least compensate your passengers for the lost time. Three hours delay without any prior communication (sic)."
SpiceJet blamed the delay on bad weather conditions. "SpiceJet flight SG 1216 operating Hyderabad-Pune was delayed due to bad weather conditions in Vijayawada in its earlier rotation, which was beyond the airline's control. The delay in departure from Vijayawada also impacted subsequent flights including Hyderabad-Pune-Hyderabad," the airline said in a statement.
27/12/17 Joy Sengupta/Times of India