Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Two held with 210 star tortoises at airport

Chennai: The Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of Chennai airport customs seized 210 Indian star tortoises from two passengers at the airport late on Sunday.
The reptiles listed under the vulnerable category by The International Union for Conservation of Nature were put inside two plastic boxes and hidden amid chocolates inside abag of clothes.
Safur Ali, 33, and Mohamed Thamim Ansari, 27, were bound for Bangkok on a Thai Air Asia flight, when they were stopped by customs officials based on suspicion.
When their baggage was checked, two plastic boxes with 130 and 80 star toirtoises were found hidden beneath chocolates. The tortoises and the men were handed over to the forest department, who fined them Rs 50,000.
12/12/17 Times of India