Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Security lapse: Afghan exits Delhi Airport without Indian visa

In a major security lapse, an Afghan national managed to exit from Delhi's Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport after landing there from Kabul, without an Indian visa.

The unaware traveler was detained, but allowed to leave after it was found that it was the fault of immigration officials.

The incident happened on November 30. Here's what happened.
The man arrived in India via SpiceJet flight SG-022. He was to travel further to Beijing.

To board the next flight, he was to go to the international transfer area, but "by mistake, he approached the immigration counter and was allowed to leave without stamping the passport", an official said.

He re-entered the terminal with his Beijing ticket, but couldn't produce an Indian visa.
Several security lapses have been reported at the Delhi Airport in recent times. In October, a woman was detained over her seemingly fake passport, but she managed to give airport officials the slip and escape.

In July, another foreigner sneaked out of the airport after being detained for not having a visa.

Earlier, BCAS managed to get dummy bombs through several security layers.
12/12/17 Gogona Saikia/News Bytes