Saturday, January 13, 2018

Passengers Create Ruckus at Airport as Indigo Flight Gets Cancelled After Hours of Delay

New Delhi: Agitated passengers created ruckus at Imphal airport after an Indigo flight to Guwahati got cancelled on Saturday. IndoGo6E 687 Imphal-Guwahati which was scheduled to take off at 9.45 AM was repeatedly postponed before being cancelled at around 2:30 PM.

Around 174 passengers who were waiting since Saturday morning were left stranded with no option after multiple delays and postponement. According to a report of regional daily, the airport authorities asked passengers to take care of themselves after which the frustrated passengers lost their cool and created ruckus at the airport.
However, no official statement has come from the Indigo regarding the issue so far.

Earlier this month, a Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture pulled up IndiGo and other private Airlines for their alleged mistreatment of passengers. While narrating some of the incidents of misbehavior in airlines, especially in Indigo, majority of the committee members opined that the attitude of airlines staff is very condescending, often uncooperative and on many occasions, downright rude.