Friday, January 12, 2018

Villagers offer land for Hazaribagh airport

Ranchi: Hazaribagh MP and MoS Jayant Sinha has claimed that his father had given the gift of railways to Hazaribagh and in the days to come he would gift an airport to the denizens of his constituency.

The district administration crossed the major hurdle of land acquisition proposal for Hazaribagh airport on Thursday.

As per the new land acquisition rule a general meeting of the concerned villagers was organised on Thursday on the premises of higher middle school Churchu. In this meeting the officials of district administration tabled the proposal of land acquisition before the villagers. The villagers accepted the proposal and put some minor demands on which the district administration gave positive assurance.

Accepting the proposal villagers also said that they are ready to cooperate with the Government and local administration for the development of our area. The land owners clearly said that they are ready to give their piece of land and put some minor demands in this general meeting.

The first demand made by the land owners was to name the airport as Nagwan-Churchu airport instead of Nagwan airport which is on the papers so far. The second demand was related with the compensation amount. The land owners of other villages demanded same compensation amount as was given to the villagers of Nagwan. Here it is noteworthy that Government has earlier acquired some land in Nagwan village for this purpose. In this general meeting the villagers raised the problem of delay in their paper works related to land in block offices. It was decided that on every Saturday the block officials will sit in this school premises specially to solve the paper problems related with the land going to be acquired from this week onward.
12/01/18 RR Srivastava/Pioneer