Friday, February 09, 2018

2 detained with currency worth Rs 1 crore

Jaipur: In a rerun of an air hostess being detained for taking dollars worth lakhs in plane via the hawala route, two men, who were trying to peddle multiple currencies worth over Rs 1 crore, were detained at the airport on Thursday.The men were headed to Sharjah and stopped after the currencies were seen in the X-ray scanner.

According to officials,the two men have been identified as Javed and Naresh.” Javed is a native of Kuchaman city while Naresh is a native of Bharatpur. The matter came to light in the wee hours of Thursday (4 am). Javed and Naresh reached the airport and were passing through security screening when the official conducting the checks saw an unusual bag in their luggage. A closer look revealed that the men were carrying currency notes,” officials said.

The men were detained and the luggage was opened which revealed that the duo was trying to smuggle the currencies of various countries.”

They were found carrying several currencies, including euro, rial and dollars amounting to Rs 1.13 crore. They have been detained and are being questioned as to why they were carrying such a huge amount of cash.It cannot be said for certain if they are part of an internati.
09/02/18 DNA