Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Airlines like SpiceJet, Vistara may soon offer in-flight Wi-Fi: Report

Most of us are now used to the drill of boarding a flight and switching our smartphones and laptops to the airplane mode during take off after the air steward/ess prompts (a couple of times). At least that’s what happens in our domestic flights. However, you may not have to do that soon.

As reported by The Hindu Business Line, some domestic airline carriers have shared affirmative responses to the long-ongoing plea to allow in-flight Wi-Fi. Reportedly, Ajay Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, SpiceJet recently told a television channel that SpiceJet would “absolutely and most definitely” look at having Wi-Fi on board its aircraft, and that it would try to bring it on board “as soon as possible”.

Apparently, Vistara too confirmed similar plans, which was reported saying that, “We continually review our product offerings, and this will be reviewed as part of that process as well.”

Presently, the use of mobile phones and internet are prohibited on commercial flights in the Indian airspace. Airlines which already offer Wi-Fi for passengers have to switch off the facility when they enter Indian airspace.
07/02/18 BGR