Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Holi: Airfares up as natives head home

Patna: Airfares on days just before and after Holi on March 2 have skyrocketed.
According to travel agents, average airfares to Patna before Holi and from Patna after the festival have doubled and even trebled as many Bihar natives living outside the state are flying back to home to celebrate the festival of colours with their family.
The Delhi-Patna airfare is usually Rs 2,800, but it is around Rs 7,900 and above on the couple of days before Holi. The airfare on the Mumbai-Patna route has also gone up from average Rs 4,000 on normal days to Rs 9,500. Anyone wishing to fly to Patna from Hyderabad will have to pay Rs 10,700 and above, instead of around Rs 4,300, said travel agent Niyaz Ahmed.
“There’s a heavy rush for air ticket bookings... The heaviest rush is for the Delhi- Patna route,” Aman Jha, another travel agent, said and added the airfares would remain high at least till March 7.
Those planning to return to their workplace a day after Holi will end up paying a fortune. A Patna-Delhi flight, as of Tuesday, will cost at least Rs 6,300 on March 3 and Rs 8,900 on March 4, said Rishikesh, also a travel agent.
20/02/18 Faryal Rumi/Times of India