Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Investments fall flat near Akkulam lake over the violation of AAI rules

Thiruvananthapuram: When software engineer Aneesh (name changed) bought an apartment in a building beside Akkulam lake four years ago, he never thought it would turn into a bad investment move. He is in a catch-22 situation. Since the Corporation has not given a permanent TC number to his flat, he can neither sell nor hand it over to another party.

It has come to fore that many flats in the region lack permanent TC numbers. As per the Corporation norms, flats or residences with temporary TC numbers cannot be sold to a third party.

Many flat owners in the IT corridor are struggling to sell their properties due to the legal wrangle between the Corporation and the builders over the violation of Airport Authority of India’s (AAI) rules regarding the permissible height for buildings near the airport.
“I have been living here for the past four years. After buying the flat, the Corporation issued me a temporary TC number citing some legal issues. We thought the issue will get smoothened out later. But, the case between the civic body and the builder has worsened with the AAI joining the fray. All these legal wrangles have put our investments in jeopardy. We are helpless and are unable to do anything,” Aneesh said.
The legal issues have affected the maintenance works of the flats in the region. “The builders are not taking care of the flats properly because they are busy fighting the case with the Corporation,” Aneesh added.  According to the Corporation authorities, permanent TC numbers can’t be issued to the high-rises at Akkulam and nearby areas since they have been built in violation of the AAI norms.
As per the new regulations of AAI, the regions adjacent to the airport have been marked ‘red.’ In order to build a high-rise near the airport, the builder needs to procure a no objection certificate (NOC) the AAI.

In the areas marked ‘blue,’ a NOC needs to be obtained for constructions above 40 metres from sea level, in areas marked ‘yellow’ a construction above 68 metres will require a NOC from AAI. 
Constructions above 80 metres will require NOC in areas marked brown, in ‘dark green’ areas it is 98 metres,  ‘orange’ marked areas it is 110 metres, in ‘violet’ areas it is 125 metres and in ‘grey’ areas, it is 140 metres.  Two years ago in a report, the Comptroller and Auditor General had pointed out lapses in the height norms prescribed by the AAI. It even named five constructions that had penetrated the Obstacle Limitation Surface - areas where there should not be any obstacles to flight movement.
20/02/18 Krishnachand K /New Indian Express