Friday, February 09, 2018

Mamata's late flight sparks 'early' row

Calcutta: An IndiGo flight from Bagdogra with Mamata Banerjee on board flew over Calcutta for 19 minutes before its landing in the city, which seemed to have made the chief minister unhappy.

Calcutta airport officials alleged that the airline had kept the flight duration more than the actual time to ensure on time performance (OTP) and since the aircraft had entered the city's sky earlier than scheduled, it was caught in a congestion caused by the maintenance of the main runway.

"As the flight arrived early and its standard arrival time was later, the flight was kept on the sequence behind other flights," said an official.

IndiGo's 6E 534 had taken off from Bagdogra at 4.35pm and its scheduled arrival time was 5.45pm in Calcutta.

After landing in Calcutta around 6pm, Mamata was livid. It delayed her meeting with Hardik Patel, the mass movement leader of the Patidar community in Gujarat, by around 20 minutes.

"The flight took off before time from Bagdogra, but it got delayed because it was not getting landing slot. This is strange.... You get delayed by more than half an hour in an 55-minute flight," Mamata was heard telling her aides.
10/02/18 Telegraph