Sunday, March 04, 2018

Cochin International Airport probes incidents of visual docking malfunction



Kochi: Cochin International Airport Ltd (Cial) is probing two incidents of malfunctioning of the visual docking guidance system, resulting in difficulty for pilots to park aircraft at designated position, in February.
The first incident was on February 15, when Air India flight 933, which arrived from Delhi at 8.40am had stopped 10m ahead of the designated standing position at parking bay 21, due to which the aerobridge could not be connected to the craft.
The aircraft had to be towed back and the pilot later manoeuvred it to the correct position, allowing the aerobridge to connect.
The second incident took place on February 20 at 5.50 pm, when a Saudia Airline was approaching parking bay 22. The airport officials detected the defect in the signalling system ahead of the docking and sent out aircraft marshaller, person in charge of guiding the aircraft to the standing position by flashing illuminated beacons. Under the guidance of the aircraft marshaller, the plane was docked at the correct position, allowing the passengers to deplane without hassle.
The incidents are being probed by the Cial’s safety officer.
“Such incidents have happened earlier at Cial. The problem appears to be with the signals being provided to the pilot. It could be a problem with the equipment. We are currently investigating,” said Chandrakumaran Nair A, airport director.
Cial had shifted from using aircraft marshallers to visual docking guidance systems once they moved to the new international terminal (T3) last year.
04/03/18 Times of India