Sunday, March 04, 2018

Villagers allege illegal felling of trees in Mopa

Panaji: Villagers residing in Mopa plateau have alleged that armed with a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the forest department, GMR Goa Airport International Limited has started clearing forest areas beyond the scope of the approval.
Speaking to the media on Saturday, Swapnesh Sherlekar, a villager, said the forest department’s NOC has referred to a total of 21,703 trees in about six villages, but the permission seems to be dubious as it doesn’t quote any survey numbers, but only villages.
“With this NOC, the airport building company may continue to fell trees for years,” he said.
As per the NOC, the number of trees to be felled in Mopa is 2,755, Chandel-1,470, Uguem-2,496, Cansarvornem-2,686, Amberem-2,438 and Varconda-9,858.
Alleging corruption, villagers from Ximeche Advan, Varconda and Cansarvornem said the felling of trees in the barricaded area was illegal. The trees are not marked nor numbered as per the law, one of them said.
The villagers questioned the police near the barricaded area whether the trees were classified, alleging that it was supervised robbery.
04/03/18 Times of India