Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Mangaluru airport parking contractor fined Rs 2.58 lakh for charging Rs 5 extra

Mangaluru: The parking contractor at Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) has been slapped with a fine of Rs 2,58,500 after a video clip of a customer being charged Rs 5 in excess went viral. The contractor was also made to offer the service by not charging any parking fee on Tuesday. 

In the video clip, a customer questions a parking lot staffer for charging him Rs 60 for parking his car while the actual fee is Rs 55 and threatens to complain. The staffer dares him to complain by showing him his ID card. The incident triggered an outrage in social media with people slamming the MIA authorities for their failure to check such incidents.

MIA Director V V Rao slapped the fine on SS Enterprises — the parking contractor.He told reporters that the incident took place about two months ago. It was for the third time that they have received such a complaint. “On first two occasion, the operator was let off with a fine of a few thousand rupees. This time, we decided to fine him 10% of the monthly licence fee,” he said.
03/04/18 New Indian Express