Monday, May 14, 2018

Editors Guild president whines about airport WiFi even as journalists get attacked in Bengal

Even as the fellow journalists in Bengal came been under heavy attack allegedly by cadres of Trinamool Congress, it seems that the recently elected president of Editors Guild of India, has consciously chosen to remain silent. Instead, he was busy with other priorities, like whining at an airport for making him to scratch cards to avail free Wi-Fi.

The silence of these self-proclaimed flag bearers of independent and inclusive media is neither uncommon nor surprising to many. Shekhar Gupta was recently elected as president of the Editor Guild of India, the institution which comprises of the elites of Lutyens Delhi, and has never had a Dalit or a Muslim as a President.

Instead of raising his voice against the attacks on journalists in West Bengal, Gupta chose to whine about having to scratch a card for WiFi at an airport. Not only that, he was also busy playing chef, where he was testing out blossoms to be used for certain recipes.

Social media called out Gupta’s silence over Bengal political violence and his hypocrisy and bias towards certain political parties.

Some people even questioned the whole Lutyen’s industry and called out for its insensitivity over burning of West Bengal.

Earlier Gupta has been called out for not only peddling fake news, but for his arrogance. He also received backlash for supporting a Pakistani Journalist’s view of hatred towards the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Coincidentally, editor of Mirror Now, Fayez D Souza, who was caught propagating fake news in the past, was found playing down the violence in Bengal by referring to it as ‘mess‘.
14/04/18 OpIndia