Monday, May 14, 2018

Saurashtra flavour wafts at airport

Rajkot: Tourists coming by flight to Rajkot will get a glimpse of Saurashtra’s rich cultural heritage as soon as they land at the airport.
Large number of paintings on regional themes like lions, Mahatma Gandhi and the famous Somnath temple will accord an eye-pleasing welcome to all the fliers soon. What is more, the artists are making these works voluntarily without charging a single penny. The airport authority is providing them painting colours.
This beautification project has been assigned to a non-government organization and artists connected with this NGO work every Sunday with the sole passion of making Rajkot a ‘Chitranagari’. There are nearly 45 paintings inside the airport terminal and are based on themes like Gir lions, Somnath temple, Tarnetar fair, traditional culture of Saurashtra, folk dance of Saurashtra, traditional mud work and mirror work.
This project is being carried out by Mission Smart City Trust and the same organization has made 11,000 paintings in Rajkot under the ‘Chitranagari’ initiative. As many as 1,200 artists are associated with the NGO.
Khyati Soni, an artist working on this project, said, “We want to make Rajkot a ‘Chitranagari (City of Paintings)’ and that is why we are doing this work voluntarily every Sunday. Airport is the entry point for people coming to Saurashtra from other states. When they land, they should get the feeling of our region.”
14/05/18 Nimesh Khakhariya/Times of India