Thursday, June 07, 2018

Delhi Airport incorporates 35,000-strong 'plant army' to combat indoor air pollution

New Delhi: Air pollution is a serious issue but it is not only the outdoor air which has become toxic but the indoor air too which carries pollutants. In a bid to tackle indoor air pollution, Delhi's Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport has placed almost 35,000 'air purifying' plants there.

The plants incorporated across the premises of the Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport will not only eliminate indoor air pollution but also naturally moderate temperatures in a hot region like the national capital and prevent water wastage.

The airport is using a mix of foliage and flowering trees to naturally purify the air. Also, these plants are surely uplifting the visual appeal of the airport.

We are going to talk about the plant species that are used at the Delhi airport and there is no simple way to mention a plant type other than its scientific name. So it might sound a bit out of the ordinary but sit tight.

The plants at IGI belong to indoor species like cassia fistula, asltonia scholaris, spider plants, snake plants, weeping fig, jacaranda mimosifolia, golden pothos and bamboo palm among others.
07/06/18 India Today